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The "MOLNYA" fence was developed on the basis of the "PLOT" fence to use as a part of the non-lethal stun effect system (PSNLSE) "MOLNYA".

Supports of the "MOLNYA" fence are manufactured with seats for insulators of electrified wire elements.

The use of a specialized fence for PSNLSE "MOLNYA" significantly reduces the cost and speed of the installation process.

The construction of the fence ensures the creation of a continuous line of protection with division into sections.











[1] Name (type) of the fence "MOLNYA":


Standard configuration


fence on the basis of glass composite supports without panels

[2] Fence height above ground level in meters:







2,0 m

2,2 m

2,5 m

2,7 m

3,0 m

4,5 m

[3] Anti underdigging option:


Anti underdigging option is available

[4] Mesh body type:


panel "KROM" with a bar thickness of 4 mm


panel "KROM" with a bar thickness of 5 mm


panel "KROM" with a bar thickness of 8 mm


"Vesha" panel

[5] Type of anti-corrosion coating of the mesh panel:




polyester enamel


with no anti underdigging option

with anti underdigging option


Linear supports are made of a profile steel electrowelded pipe, have a series of through holes for fixing insulators and built-in threaded bushings for fastening the locks of the guard rail. In the upper part of the support there is a V-shaped bracket with three through holes for fixing insulators and 4 threaded bushes for fixing the locks of the RBT support wire.
The inter-section supports consist of two connected linear supports that are installed along the edges of the section and ensure its separation from adjacent ones.


стойка 1с.jpg

стойка 2с.jpg

Linear support

Inter section support